I’m sharing all with u

Early this morning god gave me 3 baskets full of Love + happiness + peace of mind and told me 2 share them with ppl dear 2 me. I’m sharing all with u. Good morning!

Have a Fantastic Day…

/ /,,/ / üth jäö ( ‘;’ ) $wèèt lögö /(“”‘) /$üßäh hö ,/ /, gai hy!:-) As$älåM ö Aläikum! :-):-):-):Subha_ba-khair Hävè å fåntåstìc Dåy!

Nasha ham karte hai

Nasha ham karte hai, Ilzam sharab pe aata hai, Is mein shrab ka kya kasoor, Unka hai jinka chehra, Har jam mein najar aata hai.

We are surrounded

An small army troop were in a battle field and they were surrounded by the oppositions. Soldier: Sir, we are surrounded! Major: Excellent! Now we can attack in any direction now!

The famous octopus ‘Paul’…

The famous octopus ‘Paul’ that gained attention during the football world cup for its ever correct predictions is dead. It was found floating on water after some precarious incident that took place in Berlin. The local police says that a Pakistani entered the museum and asked the octopus k . . . . . . … Continue reading The famous octopus ‘Paul’…

khabi kahaa na kissi se tere fasaane ko

Kabhi kahaa na kissi se tere fasaane ko Na jaane kaise khabar ho gayi zamaane ko Sunaa hai ghair ki mehfil main tum na jaaoge Kaho to aaj sajaa loun gareebkhaane ko

What virtue would it be?

Teacher : Now children, if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him, what virtue would I be showing? Student : Brotherly love.

Whenevr I See A Beautiful Girl

Whenevr I See A Beautiful Girl With Fair Complexion Sexy Figure Long Hair The Only Thing I Remember Is The Tata Sky Slogan..

To aap apne hosh kho diye hote

Agar humne aapko apne gum de diye hote, To aap apne hosh kho diye hote, Hum to phir bhi muskura rahe hai, Aap to khuda ki kasam ro diye hote!

Don’t take any chances

Man receives telegram: Wife dead-should be buried or cremated? Man: Don’t take any chances. Burn the body and bury the ash.