Miss You SMS Messages

Chale aao tumhe hum yaad karte hain,
Ye woh gunah hai jo hum baar-baar karte hain,
Jala ke dil mein hasraton ke chirag,
Tumhare aane ka intzar karte hain.

If I never met you, I wouldn’t like you.
If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t love you.
If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will.

When day light turns 2 a darkened hue,
The lovely stars r hinting at U,
Ur heart beats tells U something true,
That someone somewhere is missing U…

I’m going to write on all the bricks I Miss U,
And I wish that each one fall on Ur head,
So that U know how it hurts,
When U miss someone special.

A simple Bye makes us cry,
A simple Joke makes us laugh,
A simple Care makes us fall in love.
I hope my simple SMS make you think of me.
I Miss U

Missing You SMS

When it hurts to take back,
And your scared to look ahead,
Then look beside U,
U will always find me,
Smiling and walking besides U.
“Missing U”

Earth may stop rotating
Birds may stop flying
Candles may stop melting
Fishes may stop swimming
Heart may stop breathing
But i will never stop
Missing you

You must be a good runner,
Because you are always running in my mind,
You must be a good thief,
Because you have stolen my heart,
And I am always a bad shooter,
Because I miss you always.

I hope you’re feeling better,
I miss you every day.
I’m always thinking of you,
So this is what I say,
Get Well Soon!

Message: * some text missing*
Sender:* Name Missing * *Number Missing *
Sent: * Date missing *
Missing U a lot thats why everything is missing

Close your eyes,
Relax your body,
And stop your breathing as long as you can…
I Miss you as much as YOU MISSED THE AIR!

Whenever I miss you,
Stars falls down from the sky
So any day if you find the sky empty,
Don’t blame me!
It’s all your fault,
You made me Miss You So Much!!

Naughty Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi

Hindi Raksha Bandhan SMS

Aankho mein “Sharafat” Chaal mein “Najakat” Dil mein “Sachchai” Aur chahre mein “Safai” Phir kyon na bole har ladki aapko “Bhai”.
Dil ki baat dil me mat rakhna, Jo pasand ho usse I Love Yoou kahana.
Agarvo gusse ma aa jaye to darna mat..
Rakhi nikalna aur kahana… pyari bahana milato rahana…
Kya Bataoo Yaaro Meri Kismat Ki Kahani Kuch Is tarah Likhi Gai Jin Hatho Se Gulab Dena Chahta Tha Unhi hatho me vo Rakhi Bandhkar Cali Gai…
Payal chhankaati aai thi, payal chhankaati chali gayi, Main sindoor leke khada tha vo mujhe rakhi pahana ke chali gayi…

A Thoughtful Morning Quote

Good Morning

Decide to be happy today,
to live with what is yours –
your family, your business, your job.
If you can’t have what you like,
maybe you can like what you have.

Just for today, be kind, cheerful, agreeable,
responsive, caring, and understanding.
be your best, dress your best, talk softly, look
for the bright side of things.

Praise people for
what they do and don’t criticize them for what they cannot do.
If someone does something stupid, forgive and forget.
After all, it’s just for one day.
Who knows, it might turn out to be a good day!

Pradeep Sharma

SMS Shayari

Tumse doori ka ehsaas jab satane laga,
Tere sath guzra har lamha yaad aane laga
Jabbhi tumhe bhulne ki koshish ki,
Ae dost tu dil ke aur paas aane laga..

Dooriyo se fark padta nahi hai.
Baat to dilo ki nazdikiyo se hoti hai.
Dosti to kuch khas aap jaise se hi hai,
Varna mulaqat na jaane kitno se hoti hai.

Aapko bhool jau umar guzarne ki baat hai,
Aap ko naa ho yakin yeh aur baat hai,
Jab tak rahegi saas tab tak rahonge yaad,
Yeh saas tut jaaye to aur baat hai…