You are stupid

You know you are a stupid? Don’t mind I explain for you S=Sincere T=Talented U=Unforgetable P=Patience I=Intelligent D=Dear So, you agree that you are a big stupid?

Agar zinda ho toh sms bhejo

Agar zinda ho to 4/5 sms bhejo, Markar aasmaan mein ho toh barish bhejo, Agar sowarg mein ho toh apsara bhejo, Aur agar nark mein ho toh enjoy yourself!

Best friend TUM

Best gift ZINDAGI best ahsas KHUSHI BEST feeling PYAAR Best relation DOSTI Best person HUM Best friend TUM

Eid may nazrein hi milaa lo

Ramzan may na milsakey, Eid may nazrein hi milaa lo. Haath milaney se kya hoga? Seedha galey hi lagaa lo.

I want devorce

Man: I want a divorce. My wife hasn’t spoken to me in six months. Lawyer: Better think it over. Wives like that are hard to get!

Tod du tumhari taangain

Valentine ke din chod kar jaana, Achcha nahin youn pyaar nibhana, Maan karta hai tod du tumhari taangain, Par dekh nahin sakte tumhain baisakhi pe.

Congratulation on your graduation…

Congratulations… On your graduation! Wishing you luck & success… In all that you do!

One sisters are Grown

Sisters Is Probably The Most Competitive Relationship Within The Family But Once Sisters Are Grown It Becomes The Strongest Relationship

The holy month of Ramadan enjoys a special importance

The holy month of Ramadan enjoys a special importance in the Islamic calendar. As the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “It is Allah’s Own month.” It is the chief of all months and the most glorious one. As we already know, ‘Fasting’ is one of the important pillars of Islam and it is the very … Continue reading The holy month of Ramadan enjoys a special importance

Khushian Ho Overflow…

Khushian Ho Overflow, Masti Kabhi Na Ho Low, Apnonka Surur Chaya Rahe, Dil Me Bhari Maya Rahe, Shohrat Ki Ho Bauchhar, Aisa Aaye Aapke Liye Dandia Ka teyohar… Happy Durga Puja…!!