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Wh8z true but unfair

Wh8z true but unfair 
“Ur presence” 

Wh8z real but invisible 
“Ur Care” 

Wh8z sweet but naughty 
“Ur Smile” 

Wh8z precious but priceless 
“Ur company” … :) 

Nice Saying

1-Us Se Dosti Na Karo Jise Khud Per Ghroor Ho 

2-Maa Bap Ko Bura Mat Jano Chahy Lakh Un Ka Kasoor Ho 

3-Bure Raste Pe Mat Jao Chahy Kitni Bhi Manzil Door Ho 

4-Rah Chalte Ko Dil Mat Do Chahy Lakh Mooh Per Noor Ho 

5-Pyar Ki Baat Wahan Karo Jahan Pyar Nibhane Ka Dastoor Ho. 
Namaz Ki Pabandi Kro.

There Was An Headcount

There Was An Headcount 
Of Angels In Heaven 
Pandemonium Strucked 
Discovering That 
An Angel Is Missing 
Plz Call Heaven 
Tell ‘Em You’re Safe With Me… :) 


Seems Like An 
Empty Word, 
Its Full Of … 


ThanQ For Being 
A Part Of My 
SPACE … (: 

Relationship is like a

Relationship is like a 

It’s beautiful when 
watered with 



It dries up if left 

Stay in touch wid ur 
love onez 

Family faces are

Family faces are 
magic mirrors … 

Looking at the people 
who belong to us, 

We see 
the past, the present 
and the future … (: 

My eyes brimming with tears

My eyes brimming with tears…. My heart bit by fears……. Not to love.. For everyone who has loved and lost someone… Actually there is no end of love…… 

~ A Wish For A Sweet Friend ~

~ A Wish For A Sweet Friend ~ 

May The Sun Alwayz 
Shine On Your 

May A Rainbow Be 
Certain To Follow Each 

May The Hand Of A 
Friend Alwayz Be Near 

May GOD Fill Your 
Heart With Gladness To 
Cheer You … (: 



Its Easy 2 Enclose r 
See In Drop 
Its Rather Tough 2 Ctrl 
d Ppl’s Tounge 
Dont Bother Abt Ppl 
They r Here 2 Talk 
Not 2 Solve Or Share 
Sorrows & Grieves 

Evry1 Has His Hands

Evry1 Has His Hands 
In Gloves & Tht Gloves 
r In His Pockets 


I Wid My Cold Hands 
Trying 2 Compose A 
Msg & Wana Tell U 
Winter Can’t Stop Our