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1 Message received

1 Message received, 1 Nice person sent it, 1 Bakra is reading it, Bakra is angry now Bakra is still reading, Bakra now forward this message to another bakra.

Love is like a silent rose

Love is like a silent rose with every patal of gold But friendship is like a living flower with love in every fold.

Mixture Of All is….

Small Anger Silly Fights Simple SMS’s Serious Jokes Sensitive Feelings Senseless Speak Million Sorrys Mixture Of All The Above Is What we Call “FRIENDSHIP” (:

Network of friendship

Friendship is a network that needs: No recharge! No roaming! No validity! No activation! No signal problems! Just don’t switch off ur heart!

Your best friend will be there

When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there

A daily thought…

A daily thought… A silent tear… A Constant wish that u r near… Words are few but thoughts r deep… Memories of our frenship i’ll always keep!!

Come to me

If you need advice, Text me. If you need a friend, Call me. If you need me, Come to me. If you need money, Subscriber cannot be reached!!!

kkk.Kill.Com .. .. .. Enter the name whom you want to kill. .. .. .. Me? .. .. .. Sure? .. .. .. If yes, press down… .. .. .. Access denied…. Target is already killed by your cute smile…….

Sidhe upar chale aana

Main agar mar bhi jaun, Toh ae dost fikar mat karna, Aasoon bhi mat bahana, Meri arthi bhi mat uthana, Sidhe upar chale aana, “Dono milke aish karenge”

Enough about me how r u?

Those seductive eyes Those kissable lips Dat sexy smile Saucy ass Da perfect tlk Enuf abt me hw r u?