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Wanna take ur photograph

U have 3 second to pose for a photograph. 3 – – – – – 2 – – – – – 1 – – – – – Click ! Developing.. Plz wait… – – – – –   >)". ."(<     ( (..) )  ((    ,     ))     "!_!"!_!" Wow! So cute.

Monkeys like u should be kept in zoo

Roses r red, Violets r blue, Monkeys like u should be kept in zoo. Don’t get angry u’ll find me there too. Not in the cage but laughing at u.

It’s gud to have money

It’s gud to have money & the things it can buy but it’s also gud to check once in a while & make sure u haven’t lost the things money can’t buy…. FRIENDS!

Aaj K Frnds “I Tell U

Aaj K Frnds “I Tell U”, Kitne Busy What To Do. Koi Mujhe Bole “I Miss U”, Koi Mujhe Bole No Time 4u. Kash Koi Mujhse Kahe, Oh My Dost “I Am Just 4u”.:-)

-FRIEND- means..

-FRIEND- F – Finds way to comfort U R – Remembers to pray for U I – Inspires U E – Enjoys Life With U N – Never Forgets U D – Describes U Better Than U

You are stupid

You know you are a stupid? Don’t mind I explain for you S=Sincere T=Talented U=Unforgetable P=Patience I=Intelligent D=Dear So, you agree that you are a big stupid?

Best friend TUM

Best gift ZINDAGI best ahsas KHUSHI BEST feeling PYAAR Best relation DOSTI Best person HUM Best friend TUM

Agar zinda ho toh sms bhejo

Agar zinda ho to 4/5 sms bhejo, Markar aasmaan mein ho toh barish bhejo, Agar sowarg mein ho toh apsara bhejo, Aur agar nark mein ho toh enjoy yourself!

I am lucky

It takes half our life to find true friends & half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you & wish to spend the rest keeping you.

Barso tak thi jise pani se alergy

Baharo phool barsao mera “dost” aaya hai, Hotho pe muskan, gali mein mehak laya hai, Barso tak thi jise pani se “alergy” Woh aaj “lux” se nahaya hai.