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Heart of true relation

To love without condition To talk without intention To give without reason To care without expectation Is the heart of true relation

The best is you

There are many stars but the moon is u, There are many friends but the best is u, To forget me that’s up to u, To forget u I will never ever do.

Wish for today

When God opened the window of the Heaven He asked me: What is your wish for today? ? I said : please take special care of the person reading this!

Friendship is like a tree

Friendship is like a tree, It is not measured on how tall it could be, But is on how deep, The roots have grown.

Friends r not a game 2 play

Friends r not a game 2 play, Friends r not just a word 2 say, Friends do not start in March & end in May, Friends mean 2morrow,yesterday,today & everyday.

It says “lub-dub”

When heart beats it says “lub-dub”. Do U know whats it means? LUB says “Live Ur life Best” DUB says “Do Ur Best in life” Enjoy every heart beat. “Happy Friendship Day.”

Friend is an angel

Friend is an angel, Someone that’s true, An angel I luv and, Who luvs me 2!, Someone who cares me, Everything i do, A friend and angel, for me its U.

Treasure all ur genuine frends!!!

When u quarrel with ur best frends n tell ‘I hate u’ U can hear their heart sayin ‘good joke’!!! When u tell them 2 ‘leave me alone’ U can find them siting close 2 u sayin ‘no way’ When u say ‘i dont trust anyone’ they’ll say ‘except me na??’ N u couldn’t help … Continue reading Treasure all ur genuine frends!!!

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Love is like a silent rose

Love is like a silent rose with every patal of gold But friendship is like a living flower with love in every fold.