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The most outstanding object

Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, And stop only when we enter the examination hall.

Customer and Waiter

Customer: Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup. Waiter: That’s all right sir, he won’t drink much.

arz kiya hai……

Arz Kiya Hai…. Laila Ki Shadi Mey Lafda Ho Gaya Laila Ki Shadi Mey Lafda Ho Gaya Majnu Itna Naacha,Ki Langda Ho Gaya!!

Ap ko mri kon si

Ap ko mri kon si  adat zehr lagti hy? jis pe apka mera gala dabane ko dil karta hai? . . . . Reply krne wala apni maut ka khud zimmedar hoga.

Silence is the best answer…..

SILENCE is the Best Answer For All Questions & SMILE is the Best Reaction In All Situations Unfortunately Both Never Help In Nikah, Interview & Viva! 😉

Ek pathan Cycle chalaty

Ek pathan Cycle chalaty aur gungunaty howe kahin ja raha tha, rasty mein ek Aurat se takra gaya. Aurat chilla kar boli “Break nahi maar sakty thy kia ??? “ Pathan herat se… “Pora cycle mar deya abhi break mar kar kia faida.”

Market mein abh tak nahi aaya

Ye aik naya sms ha jo market mein abh tak nahi aaya!!! – – – – – – – – Niche kya dekh rahe ho??? Kaha na abhi tak market mein nahi aaya Toh tumharay paas kaise aayega?


When he was five years old, he wanted to become a lawyer. Now that he is a lawyer, he acts like a five-years old.

To be honest….

A man saw 3 parrots for sale. He was shocked by abnormally high prices. The owner says, “the first parrot can run ms office. Price 10 thousand.” “Other parrot for 15 thousnd, A programmer.” The last parrot carried a tag of Rs.50 thousand. What does he do? Owner replies: to be honest he does nothing … Continue reading To be honest….

Memon: Yeh kaila(banana) kaisay diya?

Memon: Yeh kaila(banana) kaisay diya? Shopkeeper: 1Rs. Memon: 60 Paisa ka deta hai? S.K: 60 paise mein to sirf chilka milega. Memon: Ley 40 paisay, chilka rakh aur kela day de