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the problems they never had before

Marriage Nicely Defined:

It is a way through which two

people join together to solve

the problems they never had before

mujhe sab aurto se darr lagta hai

Unmarried Man:” Mujhe shaadi nahi karni,
mujhe sab aurto se darr lagta hai…
Married Man:” Shaadi kar lo…
fir 1 hi aurat se darr lagega, baaki sab achhi lagegi.. ?

why in all marriages girl sits on left

Best answer ever
“Wife ask –
why in all marriages girl sits on left side and boy on right side?
“Husband replies –
According to profit and loss statement a/c all income is on right side and expenses are on left side”… ?

Marriage funny sms

***Before Marriage***
Boy: Mom Aaj Khaane Mein Kya Banaya Hai…
Mom: Baigan Ki Sabji…
Boy: Kya Mom!!!! Phir Baigan Ki Sabji? Aapko Toh Pata Hai Ki Mujhe Baigan Bilkul Achche Nahin Lagte……
Mom: Ye Sab Nakhre Apni Bivi Ke Samne Karna, Tab Toh Munh Se Ek Shabad Nahin Niklega Jo Vo Banaygi Chup Chaap Kha Loge!!!
Boy: Okay Lao Baigan Hi Khata Hu…
***After Marriage***
Boy: Aaj Khane Mein Kya Bana Hai Darling?
Wife: Baigan Ki Sabzi!!!
Boy: Kya??? Baigan Ki Sabzi…!!!
Wife: Ye Nakhre Na Apni Maa Ke Saamne Kiya Karo, Tab Toh Kuch Bola Nahi Jaata.
Boy: Achcha Lao, De Do Baigan Ki Sabzi…
Bechaare Ladke.

Why do we all marry?

Why do we all marry?
Because romance is not
the only element of life.
We should also know horror,
terror, suspense, irony,
stupidity & tragedy of LIFE.

Before and after marriage

Before Marriage:-
He: yes! atlast it was so hard 2 wait
she:do you want me 2 leave?
He: No! don’t even think about it
She: do you love me ?
He:ofcourse! over n over!
She:have u ever cheated on me?
He:No!y r u even asking?
She:will u go on wid me on picnic?
He:every chance I get!
She:will u hit me ?
He:R u crazy?I’m not […]

allow a Man to MARRY 2 Women

Why Government do NOT
allow a Man to MARRY 2 Women.
Because per Constitution,
for the same Mistake.

What was the first thing

Lawyer: “What was the first thing your husband
said to you when he woke that morning?”
Witness: “He said, ‘Where am I, Cathy?’”
Lawyer: “And why did that upset you?”
Witness: “My name is Susan.”

Remember your wife birthday

The most effective
way 2 remember
ur wife’s birthday
is 2 forget it once.

Only true friends stand by u

Only true friends stand by u
during bad times.
I promise
I will attend ur wedding.