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Congratulation on your graduation…

Congratulations… On your graduation! Wishing you luck & success… In all that you do!

Truth of life

We make them cry who care for us, We cry for them who never care for us, And we care for them who will never cry for us…

Some says Ur ugly

Some says Ur ugly, Some says Ur jungli, Some says Ur pagli, But I says Ur lovely.

The Best Couple

You know who is the best couple in the world? . . . . Smile & Tears . . . Rarely, are they seen together but, when they combine its the best moment of your life!

My way of Life..

My way of Life People laugh because I am different. And I laugh because the are all same. Thats called “Attitutde” Live it you own way.

The little plans I tried to carry

The little plans I tried to carry Have failed O’ Dear God. But, I will not sorrow I will pause a little while And try again tomorrow.

We always feel bad

We always feel bad & think that good things happen only to others But we forget that we are others for someone else.

Never take some one for granted

Never take some one for granted, Hold every person close to your heart, Because you might wake up one day and realize, That you have lost a diamond, While you were too busy collecting stones.

Life is more strict than a teacher

Life is more strict than a teacher A teacher teaches a lesson & takes an exam. . . But life takes an exam and then teaches a lesson.

Silence and smile

Silence & smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems & Silence is the way to avoid many problems, So always have a SILENT SMILE!!!