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Never take some one for granted

Never take some one for granted, Hold every person close to your heart, Because you might wake up one day and realize, That you have lost a diamond, While you were too busy collecting stones.

Life is more strict than a teacher

Life is more strict than a teacher A teacher teaches a lesson & takes an exam. . . But life takes an exam and then teaches a lesson.

Silence and smile

Silence & smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems & Silence is the way to avoid many problems, So always have a SILENT SMILE!!!

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Ek peh tera naam khuda paya

Hum ne mohabbat mein, Apne wajud ke do tukre kiye, Ek ko khud sei juda paya, Ek peh tera naam khuda paya.

Happiness is a perfume

Happiness is a perfume. You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself. So always be happy to make others happy !

Always make ur absence

Always make ur absence felt in such a way, That somebody misses U, But let not ur absence be so long, That somebody starts learning 2 live without U!!!

Keep smiling

Smile is the Electricity & Life is a Battery. Whenever U Smile the Battery gets charged & a Beautiful Day is activated So Keep Smiling…

The worst thing in life

The worst thing in life is “ATTACHMENT” , it hurts when you lose it. The best thing in life is “LONELINESS” as it teaches you everything and when you lose it, you get Everything.

Dogs bark

If people say something bad about you, Judge you as if they know you, Don’t feel bad JUST REMEMBER “Dogs bark if they don’t know the person”.